Benefits of Trackpod for Small Businesses:


  • Know where your workers are and where they have been at all times
  • Know how long they have been in specific locations
  • Deploy the closest vehicle to the next job
  • Improve customer invoicing by understanding your staff ‘time on site’
  • Calculate FBT by using work versus business driving calculator

Another huge benefit is that it can help you reduce fuel and maintenance bills in that you can now:

  • Manage after hours usage
  • Improve driver behaviour, reduce speeding, excessive idling and braking
  • Improve route optimisation
  • Reduce insurance premium increases caused by accidents

An important aspect of the service industry is the safety of your staff.

  • Receive speeding and harsh braking alerts
  • Monitor loneworker staff members
  • Improve driver behaviour

Only $249 plus $9.99 per month