Benefits of TrackPod for Small Businesses

Increase Productivity:

  • Advanced fleet management tracking software
  • Know where your workers are in real time
  • Know where they have been
  • Know how long they have been in specific locations
  • Deploy the closest vehicle to the next job
  • Improve customer invoicing by understanding your staff ‘time on site’
  • Calculate FBT by using work versus business driving calculator!

Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Bills:

  • Fleet management software solutions
  • Manage after hours usage
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Improve route optimisation
  • Reduce speeding, excessive idling and braking
  • Reduce insurance premium increases caused by accidents

Increase Driver Safety:

  • Receive speeding and harsh braking alerts
  • Keep on eye on loneworker staff member
  • Improve driver behaviour over time

Buy now and transform the way you manage your drivers and business forever!

Investment per vehicle:
Hardware $395
Subscription(including Telstra SIM card fee)
$19.90 per month

Or nothing upfront – pay over 36 months with a
low monthly investment of $30 (That’s just $1 a day)

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  • “We have definitely achieved the Return on Investment we set out to achieve when we embarked on this project. Interestingly we have found so many ways to utilize the information we are now gathering on our business.”

    Chris Cotterell – National General Manager Databank

  • “GPS Tracking has been the best tool investment since my first cordless drill! One of our biggest challenges used to be getting accurate records from staff for billing purposes. We now save money every month and can verify every invoice, as tracking system provides on- demand, accurate and customised reporting.”

    Simon Young – Owner Hills2Ocean Plumbing