pastedgraphicTrackPod has been developed by Fleet Logistics Pty Ltd, trading as Ezy2c. Ezy2c have been pioneers in the GPS tracking space since the late 1990’s, having developed state-of-the-art tracking solutions for a number of industries including, mining, transport, government, local councils and construction.
We have taken our years of experience working with large corporates in these industries including Ford, Bunzl, Citywide and Hydro Tasmania, and built a suite of highly-affordable and functional products for the small business and consumer sector and branded the new offering as TrackPod.

We are a highly-passionate Australian company dedicated to building best of breed GPS Tracking hardware and software solutions that save businesses money and save lives on the road.

Known around the world for its innovative and advanced GPS solutions, Ezy2c has long been at the forefront of advancements in GPS tracking technology. Ezy2c introduced some of the first Satellite and Next G solutions in Australia,

In the commercial sector, we have been highly successful in helping reduce operational costs for thousands of businesses and government organizations. Fuel, wages, equipment turnover and communication costs have all been reduced through the use of our advanced solutions. Productivity, compliance, safety, efficiency and security have increased for all of our valuable customers through the use of our cutting-edge solutions.

Ezy2c’s durable tracking hardware and versatile tracking software has been developed and refined by some of Australia’s top engineers, in-house at Ezy2c. Customizable to any business requirement, our GPS tracking system offers a truly automated 24-7 real-time vehicle management solution.

From simple track and trace applications to sophisticated custom GPS solutions, for companies with one vehicle to those with thousands, Ezy2c has built it all. It is this experience that has allowed us to develop the next generation of consumer and small business GPS tracking solutions – TrackPod.

Ezy2c’s ethos has always been to offer the most advanced tracking solutions while still being accessible and easy-to-use for all. Ezy2c’s commercial tracking system offers both real-time and historic vehicle location data.

Alerts on speeding, geo-fence breaches, excessive idling, trailers disengaging, high or low temperatures can be instantly sent to the fleet manager in real-time. Drivers are supported by a navigation system and anti-fatigue alarms.

For more information on Ezy2c GPS Tracking solutions please visit our GPS tracking website.