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About Trackpod

TrackPod is the all-in-one vehicle tracking solution that is cheap, simple to self-install and allows you to effortlessly track and monitor your vehicles in real-time. Installed in seconds, you can use the smartphone app to track and locate your vehicles wherever they go. With the ability to review all trip histories and reports on driver behavior all from one easy-to-use management console, TrackPod can be used to keep a watchful eye over your teen drivers, your business’ drivers, or even a complete fleet of company vehicles.

Developed by Ezy2c, Australia’s pioneering GPS vehicle tracking and mobile resource management company, TrackPod has some of the most advanced GPS hardware and software engineers in the world working behind the scenes to track and monitor your vehicles.

Ezy2c is one of the best known GPS tracking companies in the industry. Building affordable and powerful GPS tracking solutions since the 1990’s, our passion for innovating and improving has led to us being at the forefront of tracking technology in Australia. Ezy2c’s long list of corporate clients, including Bunzl, Citywide, Ford and Hydro Tasmania, is testament to the quality of our products, and now continue to offer industry-leading GPS tracking products with TrackPod.

We are proud of the fact that our hardware and software solutions help to save lives daily. Industries from mining and transport to government and construction have also benefitted financially from the use of Ezy2C’s products. With smart vehicle tracking at your disposal, productivity and efficiency can skyrocket. Safety and security is enhanced. Wage, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs can all be reducing using our GPS Tracking technology.

Able to be customized to any business requirement, our range of GPS tracking solutions includes the ability to setup alerts when vehicles or drivers deviate from preset conditions. Get alerts when a vehicle goes outside of set bounds, when a trailer disengages, or when a driver starts speeding. Get comprehensive online reports on where a driver is, where he has been and what his driving habits have been like.

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