“We have definitely achieved the Return on Investment we set out to achieve when we embarked on this project. Interestingly we have found so many ways to utilize the information we are now gathering on our business.”

Chris Cotterell – National General Manager Databank

“GPS Tracking has been the best tool investment since my first cordless drill! One of our biggest challenges used to be getting accurate records from staff for billing purposes. We now save money every month and can verify every invoice, as tracking system provides on- demand, accurate and customised reporting.”

Simon Young – Owner Hills2Ocean Plumbing

“5 years ago we watched our close friends mourn the death of their 19 year old son who wastragically killed in a car accident. When our son got his P’s I promised myself I would do everything to keep him safe. TrackPod has been our a nswer. We installed it in seconds and have been able to not only monitor Sam’s driving skills but teach him about his mistakes and help him improve his driving skills”

Sally, Wadonga, VIC

“Very user friendly and easy to install. Curbed my daughters speeding and gives me peace of mind”

John, Hamilton, QLD

“I am a single mother of two teenage drivers. I work full time and my boys are very active in after school activities, not to mention their social calendar. TrackPod is my lifeline to keeping up with their whereabouts. If I can’t reach them on their mobiles, I just call login and there they are.”

Nicole, Bondi, NSW